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Endodontics is a specialty field of dentistry where dental infection from the internal part of a tooth is treated. Most commonly, our tooth is inflamed by tooth decay or caries. Bacteria in our oral cavity consumes sugar from our food and produces acidic byproduct. Caries is basically hard tissue, i.e. enamel or dentin, that lost mineral due to the high acidity and allowing more in depth penetration by bacteria. Once the depth of caries is near the pulp chamber where nerves and blood vessels are located in the center, inflammatory response becomes severe and prolonged. This irreversible inflammation will end up killing our pulpal tissue leading to necrosis of the entire pulp. The dead tissue becomes the best substrate and the center space of the tooth becomes the best habitat for bacteria. Endodontic intervention removes this irreversibly inflamed tissue or infected tissue and eliminate bacteria so the tooth can be healthy functional part again. The services we provide are as follow:

  1. Root canal treatment

  2. Nonsurgical root canal retreatment

  3. Apicoectomy

  4. Regenerative endodontics (mainly for young children)

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